Viking Code

A Tippecanoe Valley athlete is expected to comply with school and team rules through their entire sports career and the calendar year.   The Viking Code is in effect for athletes all year (12 months) during their high school career.  This code is continuous and cumulative for the total high school athletic career.

Tippecanoe Valley athletes are expected to respect the directives of those who may have authority over them, which may include parents, teachers, coaches, administrators and other school or team personnel.  The athlete will conduct themselves as a good citizen at all times, honor I.H.S.A.A., team and school rules, and refrain from the use and possession of tobacco (includes vaping pens or e-cigarettes), alcohol , illegal and/or performance enhancing drugs and avoid any illegal activity or probationary circumstances.  Violation of athletic rules, policies or standards, or actions which are un-becoming an athlete, may result in a suspension from interscholastic competition issued by the principal, athletic directors, or coaching staff.

Prior to the first interscholastic contest for each sport the head coach will hold an informational meeting for all parents and players on the team.  At this time, the coach will give specific team and training rules and instructions for the season.  These may include curfew hours, hair, profanity, absences, community and school standards, game conduct, injury, dress, and other team expectations.  (Provisions of the schools Drug Education and Testing Program will be presented and explained if applicable)  Failure on the part of the athlete to follow specific sport instructions will result in discipline administered by the coach in association with violation of athletic guidelines.

Any athlete in violation of the Tippecanoe Valley code of conduct will be disciplined by the principal, athletic director, or coach according to the standards and guidelines of the Tippecanoe Valley Athletic Department.  An athlete may appeal a second violation penalty to the athletic council in accordance with the guidelines of the Tippecanoe Valley Athletic Department

The Superintendent and School Board will only hear appeals of a second offense for exclusion of athletic participation.

FIRST VIOLATION:  The athlete will be given the option of not participating in 50% of the sport season OR participating in the Student Assistance Program* (At the student-athletes expense) and complete 10 hours of community service.  Successful completion of the S.A.P. would result in the loss of 20% of the sport season.  The Principal and Athletic Directors decision on a first-time suspension is final.  An athlete cannot appeal a first-time offense.

SECOND VIOLATION:  The athlete will lose eligibility for one calendar year from the time of the offense.  At the end of the one year suspension, if the athlete desires to return to athletic participation at Tippecanoe Valley High School, the athlete must participate in counseling at the athletes expense and apply to the athletic council in writing stating the desire to return to athletics at TVHS.  The athletic council will meet to decide on the athlete’s petition.

THIRD VIOLATION:    If a student-athlete commits a third offense, that athlete shall be ineligible from participation in athletics at Tippecanoe Valley High School.

If a sport season is completed before the athlete serves all the suspension, the balance of the suspension will be served in the next sport season in which the athlete participates.   If the violation occurs during an off-sport season for the athlete, the suspension will be served during the next sport season in which the athlete participates.  Coaches are not under any obligation to accept an athlete on their team, where the athlete has not participated in previous years, for the sole purpose of serving a suspension from another sport season.  However, if a coach allows an athlete to participate on a team, and a suspension is involved, that athlete must finish the season in good standing for the suspension to be validated.

Prior to formal suspension of an athlete, the athletic director or school administration will meet with the athlete to summarize the facts of any violations of the Viking Code of conduct for athletes.

The athletic director or principal will inform the parents or guardians, athlete and coaches of the established facts and penalty.  Athletic penalties imposed upon a student-athlete shall be in addition to other school penalties or consequences from the I.H.S.A.A. by-laws which may be applicable

* Should a program not be readily available, an alternative program will be provided at the discretion of the athletic director or principal.  They may substitute a similar penalty in place of the Student Assistance Program depending on availability of current programs available for Tippecanoe Valley athletes.