Athletic Philosophy and Standards


The goal of the Tippecanoe Valley Athletic Department is to provide the best opportunities for its student-athletes to excel in teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline and moral character.  The purpose is to allow each participant to freely select the sports in which they wish to participate.  No coach should ever attempt to influence an athlete not to go out or quit a sport under the direction of another coach.  Athletes must be assured that their opportunity to participate in a sport will not be hindered because of playing another sport.



The good of the team is first and foremost.  Once a team is eliminated the individual becomes the most important.

No player(s) will ever employ illegal tactics to gain an undeserved advantage.  All players will devote themselves to being a true sportsman.

All athletes will care for all equipment as though it was their own personal property.  If equipment is destroyed through practice it will be replaced by the school.  If equipment is lost or stolen, the athlete(s) will fulfill their responsibility by paying for the replacement of item(s).

All athletes will obey the specific training and practice rules of their team as given to them by the coaching staff of that team.

Athletes should not engage in participating in negative activities.  Drinking alcohol, taking controlled drug substances, using tobacco products, theft, receiving items from theft, using profanity and being disobedient are harmful to athletes and their team.  This can include conduct unbecoming an athlete.

Athletes must pass five credits each grading period to be eligible to participate in athletics.  Team members should plan their time so that they devote energy to their studies to insure passing grades, which represent their true abilities.

Be a positive influence in all you try to do.  Work for the betterment of Tippecanoe Valley and what is right for all activities and yourself.

Officials deserve courteous respect.  Realize that officials do not lose a game or contest.  They are there for the purpose of insuring both teams a fair contest.

Appreciate that coaches, teachers and school officials have the best interests of all athletes in mind as they equip, schedule, and conduct the athletic program.

All Valley athletes must comply with the standards of our athletic Viking Code and Expectations of Conduct and school rules or be subject to disciplinary action or dismissal from the team as determined by the rules, coaching staff, athletic director, and/or principal of Tippecanoe Valley High School.