Vikings News · Spring Lettering for 2020

1. All confirmed seniors on a Spring Athletic Roster will receive a Varsity Letter.

2.  All Underclassmen who are confirmed on a Spring Roster (2020) will receive the same letter they earned last Spring (2019) – Unless otherwise determined by the varsity coach.

3. Underclassmen have the ability to go from a JV letter, to a Varsity letter if they earn a Varsity letter next Spring (2021) for Spring of 2020.

Example: if a current Underclassmen earned a JV letter Spring (2020), but they earn a varsity letter next Spring (2021), retroactively coaches will have the ability to “go back” and issue a Varsity letter for this year (2020). (Coaches Discretion)

4.  Managers will get their Spring letter.